Control the Outcome in Auto Repair

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 We Believe that every auto service customer has the potential & deserves the opportunity to have honest service and fair pricing when having their vehicles repaired.

How You Benefit

We Create Experiences where Consumers & Service Providers Gain Control of the Outcome by Working Together.

Every auto service customer deserves the opportunity to be a part of the decision making process during vehicle repair.

One powerful path to that greater success is to learn to ask the right questions & recognize the right answers.

The U.S. Department of Education continually shows that consumer education helps the economy grow, by creating consumers who understand their rights and the choices available to them.

Both businesses and consumers consistently and substantially benefit from programs that educate consumers.

What We Do

We provide group coaching & a series of web-based training programs that deliver a framework for achieving success!

Both Consumers and Auto Service Providers get better results through improved service experiences.

Our programs deliver a framework for assisting you in controlling the outcome when your vehicles are being serviced, resulting in positive service experiences and dramatically less unnecessary auto repair.

Gain Clarity! Conquer Your Goals! Achieve Success! TM

The Process

Our client's experiences have proven that educated consumers who seek understanding have dramatically less unnecessary auto repair saving them time, effort, and money.

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