Hello, I'm Guy Cooper.

Guy is a top-producing serial entrepreneur who has owned and operated multiple companies for more than 35 years. He has a proven ability to effectively lead multi-level teams through various business cycles, ensuring operational excellence and achieving established objectives.

As a consummate professional, Guy is known for his ability to create environments where leaders & employees thrive together and love it! Along with his expertise in establishing customer service programs that consistently increase employee\client retention while driving profitability & growth.

He has coached hundreds of leaders, empowering them to draw out the best in their people to get real results. The objective is to have teams confidently take & lead initiatives without micromanagement or fear of making the wrong decisions.

Guy utilizes communication skills to collaborate, influence, negotiate and resolve multifaceted business challenges to "Wake People Up & Turn Companies On!"

How He Started

In 1986, at the age of 21, Guy established One Way Auto Service Center, creating an environment where he and his staff educated clients to empower them to participate in the decision-making process during vehicle repair.

 In 2007, he launched the Healthy Car Guy Radio Show & Educational Platform to teach consumers how to Ask the Right Questions and Recognize the Right Answers during vehicle repair. This platform quickly morphed into a system that empowers honest Service Providers and their customers to live better lives.

 In 2011, with 25 years of service excellence, he closed his Auto Service to establish a Leadership Coaching & Training Company that helps Leaders unite with their team to perform at their potential. Guy has now created a suite of services that deliver a framework for consumers to request excellent service outcomes due to their ability to demand fair treatment and full information. They can also gain confidence and control over repair service encounters. This same program offers Service Providers continuous improvement opportunities and the benefit of authentic differentiation from competitors through world-class service. Both get better results through improved service experiences.

The Healthy Car Guy Coaching & Training Solutions were Developed to Enrich & Expand the Honest, Competent Automotive Repair Services Community. We have expanded beyond the auto service sector to provide coaching and training solutions through The Healthy Business Guy for virtually any Kingdom-Minded, an INTEGRITY-Driven organization.