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Victor Gamaldo

“In an era in which one infrequently finds a business organization demonstrating honesty, integrity and competency, it is indeed refreshing to see these qualities exist in this establishment….It is at least fourteen years that I have utilized your services and have found it to be impeccable.”

Shonak Ponda

"Working with Guy Cooper has been the best decision I have ever made! He has helped implement operational, marketing, and training strategies that have made an immediate impact on my auto repair business. If you want a committed, passionate, high-energy individual in your corner I highly endorse Guy's services."

Robert Taggart

"Outstanding. My only complaint is that it was a 3 hour class. 6 hours would've been better, 12 better still. Guy's "A Better Customer Experience" was by far and away, the most informative and engaging Customer Service class I have ever attended. Guy successfully bridges two of the most inherently antagonistic perspectives --consumer advocate & industry consultant -- to provide unique and practical strategies for building lasting relationships with customers based on trust and confidence. We immediately implemented many of Guy's strategies. Thanks!"

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