Our Creed

We Believe: Most conflict(s) stems from a lack of communication and/or unmet expectations. One way to resolve this is by talking through your expectations before a service is performed, continue communication while service is taking place, and follow-up when service is completed.

We Believe: Your vehicle should be repaired properly the first time, at the root of the concern, and at a fair price.

We Believe: You need to know as much of your cost as possible before a service is performed. You should also be aware that some repairs might not be estimated until after the tear-down. Good auto repair facilities can usually put you in a close proximity of what you can expect in time and money. There are rare exceptions when the technician may not know how long it will take or how much it will cost, however, you should be informed as soon as they do know. The Goal is to have no hidden agendas.

We Believe: Hidden agendas can cause problems. Your auto repair shop should do straight, honest business, collaborating with you to confirm your vehicle performs beautifully as long as possible.

We Believe: No one should take advantage of another person, whether it is the merchant or the client. Repair facilities should do everything they can to prevent this, beginning with open communication and ending with customer education.

We Believe: You should only be promised what the repair facility can deliver.

We Believe: You should receive your car just as clean, if not cleaner, than when you brought it in.

We Believe: Maintaining accurate, organized customer service records is a focal point of customer service.

We Believe: The shop, offices, and bathrooms should be neat, clean, and orderly.