See What Our Clients Are Saying

See What Our Clients Are Saying

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See What Shoney, Victor, Robert, Lee & Cornelia Had to Say

Shoney Ponda

"Working with Guy Cooper has been the best decision I have ever made! He has helped implement operational, marketing and training strategies that have made an immediate impact for my auto repair business. If you want a committed, passionate, high-energy individual in your corner I highly endorse Guy's services."

Victor Gamaldo

“In an era in which one infrequently finds a business organization demonstrating honesty, integrity and competency, it is indeed refreshing to see these qualities exist in this establishment….It is at least fourteen years that I have utilized your services and have found it to be impeccable.”

Robert Taggart

"Outstanding. My only compliant is that it was a 3 hour class. 6 hours would've been better, 12 better still. Guy's "A Better Customer Experience" was by far and away, the most informative and engaging Customer Service class I have ever attended. Guy successfully bridges two of the most inherently antagonistic perspectives --consumer advocate & industry consultant -- to provide unique and practical strategies for building lasting relationships with customers based on trust and confidence. We immediately implemented many of Guy's strategies. Thanks! "

Lee Hancock

"I have been thoroughly satisfied with the work that you have done. Your services have met my requisite qualifications which include honesty, friendliness and a concern that the work would be done correctly. I thank you for having your customers at heart and trying to satisfy their needs to the best of your ability. I have highly recommended your services to my relatives and friends and will continue to do so."

Cornelia Harris

The Healthy Car Guy, is one of the greatest resources that anyone can have when it comes to getting advice. Not only was he right on with his advice and recommendations, it also helped me to speak to the Service representatives and receive the needed service and repairs in less than the four hours they said it would take to do them. I have to say I was more than satisfied and happy with his advice. I highly recommend Guy, The Healthy Car Guy, to ALL.

Again, thanks a million for your assistance and help.

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