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Effective Leadership: Be a Better Leader (includes implementation tips)

facing the ugly truth Mar 21, 2022

What qualities do you think define a great leader? No seriously, think about it! Suppose you had to summarize the virtues you would look for in a top leader, team leader, or even yourself. What would point to long-term, difference-making, value-creating leadership? How would this leadership be different from the leaders who barely achieve the minimum requirements to get the job done? 

Chances are, you’ll come to the same conclusion as most top producers: Self-awareness, a focus on developing others, measuring key metrics like profitability, effectively evaluating objectives, among other things, which all help to create the potential for long-term high performance.  

For me, one of the more significant laggards that I see affecting the marketplace reminds me of two more virtues: Empathy & Facing the Ugly Truth 

Mindset Moment 

Do you know what it means to Face the Ugly Truth?  

Hint: It means acknowledging that there are potentially significant downsides to the way you’re doing things. Why should you care? To get to the potentially substantial upside of How You Can Accelerate Going Forward.  

Note: The foolish approach to leading means living through continual cycles of UNnecessary rough periods. 

Ready to End the UNnecessary Cycle? Good, There’s an Amazing Team inside your organization; if you answer a few questions, we can bring them to the marketplace. 

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